Dinner party menu to impress friends

Since the beginning of time people have seen ‘the dinner party’ as a means of making social connection and impressing their friends. Perhaps this is why those three little words sound so intriguing and have formed the basis of many a good situation comedy. Countless dramatic set-pieces have also been played  out around the dinner table.

It wasn’t always all pomp and ceremony though and there is an acknowledgement that times have moved on. The term dinner party had once been associated with protocol and occasion rather than the food itself. One can’t imagine this omission in Italy or France where a passion for food was matched by the menu.

However, that’s all in the past. The new decade means there is no longer need for silver cake baskets, pickle forks or chafing dishes! Many people are now acutely aware of what good food is all about; this is reflected in our restaurants, the media and through demand for a broad range of food in the shops. So, create your own inspired menu for you to cook with some friends and foodies!